WHY Did We Create This Community?

A note from Dr. Irene...

Dear friend, welcome to our community!

We had many reasons for creating this special space. Do any of them resonate with you?

  1. Our Biggest WHY...

Years ago, I crashed and burned in a catastrophic car accident because I was burned out -- in Flameout Syndrome, as I call it.

My two young sons were in the car with me.

I can't begin to describe the crushing burden of guilt, shame, and remorse I felt!

It didn't matter that I hadn't meant to hurt them, that I hadn't been drinking, or even doing drugs.

The result was the same.

While we were fortunate to have survived, our recovery took years.

That's why I'm passionate about helping as many people as possible avoid the fate my family and I suffered.

Many of our faculty have also had their "ICU" moments where they almost died.

They've had to make massive changes immediately to reverse the damage, so they can relate to others in the same boat.

The Institute and this community are part of our mission to help others avoid Burnout, Flameout Syndrome,and possible death.

  1. Before I crashed and burned, I felt isolated and alone.

Here's the thing...

I'd been programmed to go it alone, that I was weak and a failure if I asked for help… And that I had to be perfect or don’t show up at all.

Trauma and betrayal had made me believe I couldn’t trust anyone.

Frankly, I was afraid of asking for help anyway, for fear of rejection.

Deep down, I didn’t feel worthy of support.

Can you relate?

All of these created massive energy inefficiencies that led to Flameout Syndrome because I was working harder and harder to accomplish what I needed to.

We created this community so that you are always supported, with a confidential space where you can receive the guidance, co-mentoring, and resources you need to make successful change quickly and easily.

  1. Having the right community support can add 20 great years to your life expectancy** without changing anything else.**

Who doesn't want that, am I right?

  1. Our goal is to provide you with your T.A.R.G.E.T., the:

👉🏼 Tribe

👉🏼 Answers

👉🏼 Resources

👉🏼 Guidance

👉🏼 Empowerment, and

👉🏼 Tools

... you need so you can hit your targets quickly, easily, and with more fun.

  1. Most of all, we created this community to give all of us that supportive space I wish I had prior to my Flameout.

Because my sons and I wouldn’t have almost died in that catastrophic car accident.

I want better for you!

That's why our Motto is... "Nemo Resideo"… Leave no one behind.

If any of these resonate with you, I'll see you in the community!